John Harrison Jr. "Coach John Jay"

In his literary debut, certified professional speaker/communicator Coach John Jay makes quite a compelling and thought provoking argument to push the reader to really really understand their Significance here on earth. His new book, "Conception Created Significance", shares principles and strategies to help the reader understand that in the midst of feeling inadequate, undervalued, and insignificant, they are the most significant human beings on earth.  He unveils that as a result of being 1 in 4 million options from sperm cells to now walking planet earth; they would not have made it if they weren't needed. The content within contains compelling data and science-based evidence that is commissioned to help the reader understand how much detail was involved just to make it here via birth. 


 Just when you start to think and understand his premise and point of view, the author takes you a little bit deeper when he compares human life to that of a lemon. In order for lemons to grow and flourish, their environments must be surrounded by above average heat and can't have too much water. If the lemon gets too much water and not enough high temperature heat, the lemon has a high probability for stunted growth. For humans just like that lemon, most of our circumstances are extremely hot and if someone bailed us out by giving us more water than necessary, we would not learn to overcome. 


Overcoming for the reader is understanding that humans, just like lemons, are commonly overlooked, undervalued, and appear insignificant, but the lemon in its unattractive nature, in its moment of crisis, its moment of depression has more than 15 medicinal uses. While you're going through your go through, what was built in you at conception gives you Significance just like that ugly, odd shaped, bright yellow lemon!

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Coach John Jay