Collegiate Athletic Leadership & Character Development  

The evolution and success of our world is contingent upon our youth! Our current generation and those that will follow are being misled about their responsibility to become significant in every facet of life! They need to know that when the plane of       life experiences turbulence, jumping off is not an option! Sit up straight, buckle the belt, and follow the instructions of the pilots & passengers who have flown and made it through turbulent times before! 

Team Building & Culture Elevation Workshops

Teams, groups, and organizational staffs all have the human capital to produce far beyond the goals set at the beginning of the season or quarter. Your goal of winning that fiscal or physical championship maybe far from reach largely due to the descending of relational culture within. Invest in your team, group, or staff to be inspired and challenged through rigorous mental and physical training that can only contribute to cohesion and fortified partnerships within! Trust us, they won't dominate anything until they first realize how significant they are!   

Keynote & Formal Presentations

Everybody has a story! Can everyone garner up the courage to tell that story with conviction that it will steer someone in a better direction of destiny? Things could have been a lot different for John. The bullets that left the guns in his car could have hit and killed someone. The college dorm room he registered for could have been in processing into cell block four. Your audience has the opportunity to experience and hear the critical mistakes "Coach John Jay" made that night and how that very experience has outlined his purpose and significance in life!  

Featured Speaker & Workshop Facilitator For:

YMCA of Greater  Montgomery

Signature Healthcare of Marietta

The Terence Crutcher Foundation

300 Male Summit of Selma, AL 

Atlanta Chapter of Links, Inc

Valiant Cross Academy

Elaine Sterling Institute of Esthetics

Montgomery Prep Academy of 

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